My Very Simple Joy

SJ. The abbreviation means Simple Joy. I learned that term from a good friend of mine and I'm surprised of what it seriously means. It is kind of a thing or a person which makes you happy every time you see it or taste or smell it or whatever you like with it. It makes me wonder of the thing that I like most in everything that I see everyday. Including the trees that sway around, birds singing and the noise of the cars in the highway.

Speaking of cars, now I know what my SJ is. My SJ is a BMW car. I always see that brand of car when I'm on my way to school. And it makes me happy every time I see it. I always see approximately 2 BMW branded cars every day. Ever since I played the Need For Speed: Most Wanted game which is one of my favorite cars there is the BMW M3 Coupe 2006. I termed that car as my "Dream Car", it makes me say it every time I see a BMW car.

As of now, I've seen so many of them and it always makes my day complete. So you guys out there that maybe you have some SJs there to share. HAHA! ^_^

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One response to My Very Simple Joy

  1. Wooot! Personally my simple joy is seeing birds. Well, wild birds, not the usual city birds. I prefer the ones in the forest...

    (okay this comment is starting to sound really weird)

    Lemme clarify, I'm an amateur Ornithologist

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