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Hey guys, I just want to share my other blog. The blog is The Leisure of Traveling. It talks about traveling and all sorts of it. I made this blog to show you that I am little traveler of myself. I've been to many places since I was a child. Imagine, I have gone from Baguio to Masbate. My province is Ilocos Sur on my father's side and on the Bicol region at my mother's side.

In this blog, I talked about the places which I want to go to and I have gone to. I seasonally update it because I only travel not more than 5 times every month. Also, I am busy nowadays with my studies.

I'm still trying to catch up, and I am planning of going to Baguio some time and I'll update it as soon as i can. ^_^

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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