When Was The Last Time Your College Professor Said "Putang Ina Mo"?

Last Wednesday, July 8, it happened to be one of the funniest class that I encountered. The subject is Speech Communications, of course your professor should speak in English right? The lesson is about communication breakdown, not the one that was sang by Led Zeppelin. So, she was giving examples of the lesson like saying stupid things to the receiver of the message, no mannerisms, and etc.

On her one example she use the cursed word of the Philippines, the word is "putang ina mo". Familiar isn't it? It is one of the most common used words in our society. It is called the "cursed word", why? It is because it resembles a bad meaning. For example, I get mad at you, and then suddenly I said "Putang ina mo!", you'll feel that I am angry with you, right?

Everyone of us in the class laugh when she said that. Imagine, saying a word that is prohibited is like having to break a rule or a regulation. But, for me it's ok because it's just an example. She also said it twice, first she said it straight while the other one was like this "Ang ganda mo, putang ina mo!". See, that's why we laugh, because she complimented on the person then after that she said a word that has a bad meaning.

If you would translate that cursed word in English, it would be "son of a bitch". Sounds formal, isn't it? But the same thing is they have the same meaning. Yep, enough for that. Now, you know the famous cursed word and most common word that we always use. So now, you were informed. ^_^

Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 responses to When Was The Last Time Your College Professor Said "Putang Ina Mo"?

  1. There are professors who are really telling bad words while discussing. But for them, it's just casual. Whenever I encounter such experience, I just ignore it or just going to giggle on my seat.

  2. No_Namer says:


    @Download PSP Games
    Yeah! Me too. Actually it's not my 1st time to encounter that. I had experienced so many of them just last year. But, I don't mind it anyway.

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