Sir Diego of Analytical Geometry

This happened last Wednesday at 6:00 in the evening. My classmate Derrick, Jacie, and I got bored when we saw our professor in Math. We don't know why but somehow we managed to listen even if we don't want to. The lesson was about the reduction of the standard form of equation into its normal form.

I did understand it a little but still I need to review for it though. We are on the last row and I noticed that my other classmates were also busy doing such other things like reading the latest FHM magazine which my classmate Joenald brought. HAHA! The ones who are reading it are the ones who are the best when it comes to ridiculous things. I'm one of them but only sometimes.

When we are haflway in the discussion of our lesson, I draw my professor while he's sitting. I kept on laughing while I'm doing it. HAHA! Suddenly, Derrick saw it and he immediately get a piece of paper and started to draw our professor also. It's funny thing you know when we got finished, we showed it to our other classmates and they also kept on laughing at it.

Mine was colored blue and Derrick's was black. Here are the pictures as you can see, we also put some dialogs there.

Sorry for the quality of the picture, I just captured it by my cellphone's camera. HAHA! That's all guys, 'till next time! ^_^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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  1. Anonymous says:

    haha!!! adik!!!!! nyz one!!!!!

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