Probably The Worst Day Of My College Life

Hello guys, I just want to share something terrible happened to my life last Thursday. It all began in the morning. We checked our mid term exam and so it happened. I received a score of 47 out of 100 and the sad thing is it's 60% passing. I don't know what to do or say after I heard my score. I knew it, that I was going to fail. All I have to do now is to study more so that in the final term period I will achieve more than I hope for.

After that, my 2nd subject at last. It all went well as expected but after we were dismissed all things suddenly changed its pace. It was 3 in the afternoon where I went to the place where the YFC PUP Rock 10 concert will be held. At first I am so happy that I'll get the opportunity to go there and have some fun with the YFC's.

At 3.30, my classmate and I have to go to the computer shop because we have to do some activity regarding our Programming 3 subject. I am very confident that we'll finish the given activity within one hour but unfortunately it took me more than 3 hours in doing it. I started at 5 pm, and at 8.30 in the evening I was still there.

The Rock 10 concert started at 6 pm. When I left at 3 pm, I keep it to myself that I'll going to the said concert. The concert will last until 9 in the evening. But as I have said, I found myself sitting in front of the computer still at 8.30. That pressured me a lot!!! My heart is bursting out!! I'm still not done in the said activity!! Oh gosh!!

If you were in my state would you still go the concert?? Yes, I did try to still catch up in the concert, unfortunately the gate closed! As I walk away, I heard the noise coming from the concert inside the PUP grounds and as I walk away, I felt sad, very sad. And as I walk away my eyes became teary. I just bow down as I walked the street. I felt that it's the worst day of my life.

I'm still can't get over with it. It's just the feeling that make me about it.

I just let it go and hoping for that time to happen again...


Friday, August 21, 2009

3 responses to Probably The Worst Day Of My College Life

  1. Mikko says:

    Taas pa kaya nyan. Nakatry ako 1/40, 5th long exam sa Math 53. Di na ako pumasok after 4th long nung nakakuha ako ng 14/40. Pasado pa naman 1st to 3rd at midterms ko. Di ako pumasok uli aside from pagtake ko ng finals para hindi maincomplete.

    Inassume ko na 5.00 ako, yun pala 4.00. Di ko alam kaya di ako nakaremovals.

    Niretake ko nalang. Hahaha. Yun sem na pinakatarantado ako, 8/19units passed.

  2. Meynardz says:


    kewl... grabe naman un... 8/19 units?? .. weee... npkahirap nman xe nung subject na OS ehhh.. nalito lang talaga ako sa mga algorithms...

  3. Togs says:

    Mikko: wow nman. 8/19. ang cute. preho pla tyo craulo sa scul.
    Nardz: mejo mhrp nga OS pero mdli dn. nkktmad lng. LMAO.

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