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What's up? I just want to share to you my other blog. It is The Foodie Life. It talks about the foods and drinks which I already encountered. There are also topics about coffee, wine, and some other variety of foods which I have likened. I started this blog only last May, but it did had a great job to improve my blogging abilities.

If you will going to visit it, it is not much like this blog that has a good template. But I the colors of it encourage you to taste that picture of food there. I haven't update it yet due to hectic schedule but I will try to come up with a new blog post next week.

I based my blog in my personal experiences. I blog those things that I encounter so that readers will think that the writer of the article is true to himself and he is not making a story which was never been happened.

The blog is not like the other blogs there that are great, it is just a blog which was created by me at a young age and with only a limited time to allot to update this blog. Somehow, I managed to update it whenever there is something new that I discovered lately.

For now, I'm just going to update as frequent as I can to come up with the others. ^_^

Thursday, July 16, 2009

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